...lust auf ein morgendliches Bad ?
...lust auf ein morgendliches Bad ?



Everyone knows how wonderful it is after a long journey finally arrive in beloved house and jump only once to cool off in the crystal clear pool.


The joy is only strongly "spoiled" when the color of the water instead of a clear blue rather has a milky greenish appearance.

That this does not happen, we offer our talented pool service.


The secret of a sparkling clean pool consists primarily of the permanent control of all chemical parameters and prevention. Our coast is characterized by a high annual average temperature and a very high humidity. These are ideal conditions for entrained bacterial strains. That is why we take every  visit a sample of water and make sure that the prescribed numbers are complied.

In addition, the pool body, the skimmer and pump filter is cleaned always properly.


All chemicals and the complete maintenance equipment is provided by us.


So,  just enjoy your pool ..