For a successful holiday rental, cleanliness is the fundamental key.


Since the claim is very high in all our services, this of course,  will continue consistently in cleaning your property.

The first impression your guest is the visual. Your house should always look and always smell as fresh, like your guest is the first visitor.


Housekeeping includes:


- Emptying, cleaning and disinfecting of refrigerator and freezer

- Fitted kitchen cleaning

- Removal of garbage from the house and providing the dustbins

- Clean up used dishes and pots, granting

- Relate and decorate beds peeling, beds new 

- Distribute and decorating of fresh towels

- Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, showers and toilets

- Cleaning glass tables and mirrors, dusting, vacuuming

- Wipe soil moist

- Check of drawers and cabinets

- Inspect and replace defective bulbs

- Clean the glass panes

- Clean patio and outdoor furniture 


Is your home a long time uninhabited, we can perform a quick cleaning before your arrival, or arrival of your guests. This includes:


- Clean the sinks and toilets

- Dusting and vacuuming

- Wipe soil moist


We are happy to take the complete laundry.

Sheets, towels, kitchen towels, rugs ... be washed separately. We use only high-quality toiletries, so you will also get back your clothes fresh and fragrant.


Actually, you want to get any thoughts about purchasing, control and storage of your laundry?

No problem. We also rent complete wash packages to you and your guests. If then one or the other is missing or can not be cleaned any more, you must also not have to worry. It will be replaced by us immediately and the new guest can come.