As important for us is your property, as much are your guests for us.


Your holiday guests are your capital and everyone wants the guests are satisfied and also book again next year.

They will probably only do this if the service around your House was perfect and easy.


We want that your guests know, prior to the commencement of the holiday that they are here with in good hands.

Important preliminary information desired by the guest, we always happy to answer and prompt.

Each guest will be welcome from us in person at the property. Whether his flight was delayed or what delay has also ensue.


A detailed introduction to the house, are just as natural as information on local highlights and "insider tips". Which restaurant last year was great, perhaps it is this year no longer. We can save your guests plenty of time and money, since we live all year here and last but not least ... my better half comes from here and so each and every knows.


In better words, we are here for your guests when they need us.



Half an hour before departure, we will be at your house to get the key back. We go through the property and check for any damage.

We will inform you on the same day of departure if there was any damages. If so, then you will receive images and accurate data from the claim.


Our goal is that you are always informed as owner exactly what about your home and your guests.

We are local contact for you and your guests.


It's that easy.